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● 夏季休業のお知らせ ● 8/11 〜 8/16 までお問い合わせ、受注メール、発送などの業務はお休みさせて頂きます🌞 その間、webstoreでのお買い物はご利用いただけますが、受注メール、発送などはお休み明けの17日より順に対応させて頂きます。 なお、夏季休業前の発送は8月10日17時までに入金確認がとれているお客様までとなりますので、ご了承お願い致します。

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arkakama donate a part of our proceeds for the children who are the victims man-made disasters caused by adults.

Through our clothes, we hope many people will know that there a lot of children who are sacrificed by the self-centered action of adult, and would like to support the children who are "the Future of our Earth".

We wish for permanent peace of the world, where all the children can keep dreaming.......